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Dental crowns and bridges are more common than you might think. In fact, an astounding 15 million Americans have crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth, reports the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Susan Malibiran, DMD, at Rio Dental is highly trained and ready to answer your dental bridge and crown questions. Call or schedule an appointment if you think you might need a crown or bridge to enhance your smile. Rio Dental is conveniently located near you in Rohnert Park, California.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are used to replace or repair damaged teeth. A crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" used to cover damaged or weakened teeth. Typically, they’re secured to a tooth. Depending on your circumstances, however, Dr. Malibiran may suggest a dental implant. An implant is secured to your jawbone instead of the damaged tooth and has a crown placed over it.

A bridge is made of dental crowns and fitted over a gap in the gums. Bridges are crafted from combinations of porcelain and metal and made to look like the original teeth.

Why would I need a crown or a bridge?

Dr. Malibiran suggests dental crowns and bridges for a variety of reasons. She may suggest a crown or a bridge to fix a stained or worn tooth, a missing tooth, or several missing teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges can restore your smile's beauty. They can also be a reliable solution for teeth that need strengthening as a result of severe decay, cracks, fractures, or fillings.

What are the different kinds of dental crowns?

There are a variety of dental crown materials to consider. Crowns can be made from:

  • Stainless steel: for temporary crowns or baby teeth
  • Gold or another alloy: fused with porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to metal: look most like teeth
  • Resin: least expensive option
  • Ceramic: for patients allergic to metals
  • All ceramic zirconia: strongest option and metal-free

Dr. Malibiran at Rio Dental can discuss which crown is best for your lifestyle and dental needs.

What are the different kinds of dental bridges?

Bridges are considered a prosthetic device for your mouth. The gap between the teeth is strengthened with different kinds of bridges, such as:

  • Traditional: for teeth on both sides
  • Cantilever: for teeth on one side
  • Maryland bridge: wire framework used
  • Implant: supported by dental implants like crowns

They type of bridge that Dr. Malibiran suggests is depending on where your missing tooth or teeth are located.

What's involved with a dental crown procedure?

A dental crown procedure generally requires at least two visits to the dentist. At the first appointment, Dr. Malibiran takes digital X-rays.

Dr. Malibiran administers anesthesia while preparing the original tooth to attach the crown securely. She makes an impression of your teeth to construct the crown and places a temporary crown over your tooth until the custom crown is finished.

If you need a dental implant, Dr. Malibiran uses dental surgery to connect the jawbone and the implant base, also known as an artificial root. She attaches the custom crown to the artificial root after surgery.

Getting a dental crown or bridge is a simple and safe process. Discuss your options with Rio Dental today.